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Solar Ray & Sparky Electroculture Pyramid Instructions

The Solar Ray & Sparky Electroculture Pyramids come with 6 ring magnets encased in beeswax.  The North facing side of the magnets is red.  The Red side must be aligned to Magnetic North.  


Determine how long you'd like your garden row to be and cut a piece of wire to that length.  Pure copper or galvanized steel works best.  Place this wire through the center of the red side of the ring magnets and allow 6 inches to protrude out the white side of the ring magnets towards the South. 

Add the ring magnets to the base of the pyramid in the well provided.  Do not use anything to hold this in place.  It will lay under your pyramid on top of the soil.  

Untitled design (64).png

The length of your wire can be held down with stones or other, non metallic objects to keep it aligned to the North.  

The energy field will reach 3 feet on EACH side of the wire, the entire length of the wire!  Another Solar Ray Electroculture Pyramid can be added every 6 feet to provide energy to your entire garden! 

Since plants and trees are rooted in one location for life, they respond to environmental changes rapidly.  Placing the Solar Ray Pyramid in your garden or even by your potted plants will show you just how rapid this response is.  Prepare to be AMAZED! 


Effects on Plants:

  • Higher yields

  • Faster growth

  • Healthier plants

  • Less fertilizer needed

  • Less water needed

  • More resistant to disease

  • More resistant to pests

  • Better germination rate

  • More nutritious produce

  • Food remains fresh longer

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