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Bionized Quartz Sand has amplified energetic properties which occur after a process of freezing and boiling several times. The same person credited for Orgone Energy, Wilhelm Reich, discovered the process of bionization. Reich discovered that in the presence of a healthy living object there was a blue
luminescent glow of energy. When sickness occurred that blue glow disappeared. Reich knew this blue glow was the life force energy and he developed a way to attract more of this vibrant, life energy to an object by freezing and boiling the product several times. This process didn't only charge the object but
made it retain that amplified energy indefinitely! The sand I use is 97% quartz and through bionization it retains a very high energetic vibration of power which will NEVER dissipate!

If you have a Stargate Meditation Pyramid, add Bionized Quartz Sand to the inside of each pole to SUPER CHARGE your meditations! It will be like sitting inside a GIANT Quartz Crystal Pyramid!!!

Keep in mind, if you ordered a Stargate Pyramid which has sand in the base poles...this is NOT the same type of sand I am offering here. It IS the same brand of sand...Aqua Quartz which is 97% quartz. 


Corks can be used to plug each end of the pole but I recommend following my protocol in the provided video.    It will create a continuous flow of energy around your meditation pyramid instead of blocking the flow with corks.  

If you have bionized sand leftover, place it in a pouch made of natural material like cotton or silk and use it to eliminate pain. It works wonders for headaches!

Jump ahead to 16:25 in the video for instructions on how to SUPERCHARGE your Stargate Meditation Pyramid with Bionized Sand. 
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