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Pyramid energy creates a cosmic antenna that tunes into universal energy sources, amplifying the intensity of source energy and connecting you to your higher self. This connection reminds you of your innate superpowers, enabling your body to begin self-healing. Meditations become deeper and more powerful, and manifestations almost instantaneous. Using the Russian Pyramid is like jumping to the front of the line to place your order with the universe, making it EXTREMELY powerful and requiring you to be VERY mindful of your thoughts because of this.  

Russian Pyramids, named for the extensive research and construction by the Russian Government over the past 30 years, have demonstrated AMAZING results: purifying water, reducing airborne pollution, enhancing longevity and immune system, increasing athletic performance, and even improving plant growth by 20-400%. With a slant angle of 76.345 degrees, Russian Pyramids are more powerful than Nubian (72 degrees) and Giza (51 degrees) pyramids. Think of the Giza Pyramid as the dial-up connection, while the Russian Pyramid is the high-speed internet, offering a quicker, stronger connection for energy workers and a more potent boost to your spiritual practices.

These products are designed as energetic boosters to SUPERCHARGE the all ready POWERFUL, Stargate Meditation Pyramids designed by Charlie Ziese.  But they can be used without the Stargate as well. 


Stargate Pyramids are sold separately and can be found at Place the pyramid amplifier under your meditation chair while inside your Stargate Pyramid or hold on to it while meditating. For an even BIGGER energy boost, place it on the Apex Amplifier platform.  

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