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Caduceus Coils are the most recent energy enhancement to Stargate Pyramids meditation Pyramids. Research by Stuart Hameroff demonstrates that the microtubules of DNA, as well as the structure of DNA itself, is geometrically identical to the geometry of the Phi Spiral. Recent research by Konstantin Meyl demonstrates that our DNA uses magnetic scalar waves to communicate and transmit energy and information. Fritz Albert Popp’s research demonstrates that our DNA is a receiver and transmitter of photonic energy.

Caduceus coils are a great way to generate scalar waves, and when those waves are infused with Solfeggio Frequencies, the body’s DNA and energy are significantly enhanced. The use of scalar waves bypasses the filters of the subconscious mind, thereby providing a much greater acceptance and receptivity by our DNA to these frequencies. The combination of a Stargate Pyramid, Capstone, caduceus coil, and Solfeggio Frequencies opens up an entirely new dimension to personal enhancement and well-being.

Testing indicates the power and clarity of the magnetic scale waves produced by your caduceus coil is greatly enhanced when used in conjunction with a Stargate Pyramid from although the coil may also be used as a stand-alone instrument. Use of the coil is also greatly enhanced by the addition of an amplifier.

Plug the phone connector into your phone’s earphone port and attach the alligator clip to the twisted wire at the end of the caduceus coil. Then play frequencies on your phone. Either download a frequency generator or utilize videos on YouTube specifically for healing frequencies. You won’t be able to hear the frequencies playing. Instead of running into a speaker they are running into the caduceus coil. You should be able to feel it working.

For an added blast of energy use an amplifier instead! Attach the alligator clip on the amplifier connector to the twisted wire at the end of the caduceus coil. Hook the bare wires at the other end of the amplifier connector to the speaker port on the amplifier. Choose either the Right Speaker or Left Speaker side. Place one bare wire into the positive and one bare wire into the negative. You may need an RCA cable for the input which is not included. One end of the RCA cable should have a 3.5mm connector or an iPhone connector which plugs into your phone or frequency generator. Now you’re all ready to get blasted! As with the phone connection, you won’t be able to hear the frequencies being played but you will be able to feel them. Using the amplifier will amplify the power of the coil when you play healing frequencies through it. Testing has shown vast improvement in red blood cells after only 15 minutes of using the caduceus coil, & 528 Hz frequency inside a Stargate Pyramid!


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