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Pyramids made with metal or which have magnets will be aligned to Magnetic North.  All other Pyramids, will be aligned to True North.   


Stargate Meditation Pyramids = True North

Galactic Capstones = True North

Cosmic Storm Magnetic Amplifier = Magnetic North

Solar Ray Electroculture Pryamid = Magnetic North

Pyramid Amplifiers = True North


What’s the Difference between Magnetic North & True North?

A compass needle points to Magnetic North, but True North is the location of the North Pole.   Magnetic North shifts with fluctuations in the magnetic field of the Earth.  True North is geographically fixed.


Declination is the difference between Magnetic North and True North, and it changes depending on your location on the Earth.  You must determine your Magnetic Declination in order to determine where True North is located.   The declination will tell you how many degrees East or West you must adjust your compass for True North. 

After determining your Declination with the Declination Calculator, watch the following video to show you how to use this information to determine True North.

Once you determine where True North is, lay your compass on the floor or ground with it pointing to True North and place one side of your pyramid against the South edge of the compass.   Now your pyramid is aligned to True North.  I recommend making the line with a piece of tape to make realignment easy if the pyramid is bumped or moved.  


Magnetic North is easy to find since your compass points towards it.  But since Pyramid Energy can affect the compass you must keep the Pyramid away from the compass until you determine the proper placement.  If your Pyramid has magnets in it, make sure to align the North facing side of the magnet towards Magnetic North.  

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