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The Cosmic Storm Magnetic Amplifier comes with 6 ring magnets encased in beeswax with a copper wire running through the ring magnets and along the base of the Pyramid.  The magnets and base wire cannot be seem since they are inside the Pyramid.  The North facing side of the magnets must be aligned to Magnetic North for the device to work efficiently.  The side which should face North is marked at the bottom of the pyramid with a gold "N".  ​ 

Place anywhere beneficial energy is needed.  The Cosmic Storm Pyramid is best used inside your Stargate Meditation Pyramid.  A pyramid, inside another pyramid will amplify the properties of pyramid power.   The Cosmic Storm can be placed underneath your mediation chair or held on your lap during your meditation.  The Large version can be placed on the Apex Amplifier platform of your Stargate Pyramid for an extra BLAST of energy!  

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