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Two people are required for the assembly of the Apex Amplifier. 


ATTENTION:  One side of the Apex Amplifier platform is marked "UP".  The corner holes are at a slight angle and must go along with the angle of your meditation pyramid.  If placed on upside down, the stress will cause the corners to break. 


TO ASSEMBLE:  One person will remove the zip tie from the peak of your Stargate Pyramid (if applicable) as the other holds the poles in place.  Measure 13 inches from the top of each pole & place a mark.  Slide one Rubber O-Ring (included) down the pole and rest on mark.  Do this to each pole.  As one person holds the poles of the meditation pyramid straight, the other will hold the Apex Amplifier flat with the side marked "UP" facing the ceiling.  Then place one pole in each associated corner hole.  Keeping the Apex Amplifier straight, slide the Apex Amplifier down the poles until it rests upon the O-rings.  Reconnect the peak of your Stargate Meditation Pyramid with a new zip tie (included).


The Apex Amplifier will stabilize your Stargate pyramid as well and is highly recommended if the vertical poles of your Stargate Pyramid are filled with bionized sand.  

If you have a Galactic Capstone, it can be placed on the top of the Meditation Pyramid after assembly of the Apex Amplifier.  

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