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Stargate Pyramid Meditation

  • 2 hr
  • 444 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Join Lisa Richards, for an extraordinary Pyramid Meditation Class designed to harness the profound energy of the Stargate Russian Geometry Pyramid & Scalar Energy! In this unique meditation class, each participant will have the opportunity to sit inside their own Stargate Meditation Pyramid, specifically designed with the precise angle of 76.345 degrees. This sacred geometry, intensely studied by the Russian government for over 30 years, serves as a powerful amplifier of energy, connecting you directly to your higher self and allowing access to higher states of consciousness. Russian Pyramids, named for the extensive research and construction by the Russian Government, have demonstrated AMAZING results in enhancing longevity, boosting the immune system, increasing athletic performance and even saving the lives of babies who were so premature they were all expected to die within days! With a slant angle of 76.345 degrees, Russian Pyramids are more powerful than other pyramid geometries like the Nubian and Giza. The use of non-conductive materials in their construction is crucial, as conductive materials can lessen or even diminish the pyramid's energy. Think of the Giza Pyramid as the dial-up connection, while the Russian Pyramid is high-speed internet, offering a quicker, stronger connection for energy workers and a more potent boost to your spiritual practices. Scalar energy from the caduceus coil, infused with Solfeggio frequencies, will significantly amplify your meditation experience and self-healing process. These scalar waves bypass subconscious filters, allowing for greater acceptance and integration of the healing frequencies into your DNA and energy field. This powerful combination enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself, promoting deeper relaxation, heightened intuition, and accelerated manifestation. Experience profound transformation as your meditative state becomes more powerful and your connection to the universal energy field strengthens. Lisa will begin each class with an informative session, teaching about the benefits of pyramid energy, the different geometries, and the extensive research conducted by the Pyramid Science Foundation and the Russian government. This foundation of knowledge will enhance your understanding and appreciation of this POWERFUL, sacred geometry structure. Experience a meditation class like no other! MAXIMUM OF 10 PARTICIPANTS. WILL TRAVEL 1 HOUR FROM TITUSVILLE, PA. ELECTRICITY NEEDED.

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