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Spirit Connection

  • 1 h
  • 55 US dollars
  • Pyramid Surge

Service Description

Our loved ones never truly die. When they transition, they become part of our Spirit Team, their all-knowing, unconditionally loving spirits eager to guide us on our journey. They're just waiting for one thing...your call. Without it, they must stand by and observe not only your joyful moments but your trying times as well. Once you reach out, you'll instantly feel your loved one's energy around you. Signs will appear to remind you of their guidance—whether it's a song, an item, an animal, or even a person who resembles your spirit loved one. ​Everyone has the ability to communicate with spirits, much like playing the piano—some are naturally better at it, but everyone can learn. Nothing is more comforting than the confirmation that your loved one in spirit is alive, happy, and always with you! The proof that death is an illusion is a powerful healing in itself. Spirit claims we are the dead ones, and they are more alive than we could ever imagine. But how can we hear their messages? Signs can guide us to a certain degree, but more direct communication offers clearer messages. Quieting your mind and tapping into your abilities is challenging amidst life's stresses, and the Ego often pulls us in the opposite direction. I developed my ability several years ago under the guidance of my mentor and teacher, Peggy Rogers, a medium with 40+ years of experience. I'm honored by the wisdom she shared with me and blessed to offer my services to humanity. There's no greater healing than proving there is NO DEATH! I understand some may not agree with what I do, as our experiences shape our beliefs about God and ourselves. I won't argue about religious beliefs or try to change your mind, but I will say this: Spirit is ALWAYS kind and loving, and I have NEVER encountered anything negative. Our connection is fueled by our pure, loving intentions. If you're ready to experience one of the most powerful forms of spiritual healing, both I and your Spirit Team are waiting for you. If you'd like to tap into your own SUPERPOWERS, check out my upcoming class schedule. While I love providing spirit connections, my mission is to awaken humanity to their own powers. The time is NOW!

Contact Details

  • 814.282.6924

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