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Twister is a combination electroculture antenna and crystal amplifier.  


Electroculture is an ancient practice of harnessing the NATURAL atmospheric energy of the Earth and focusing it in a certain area.  This energy is always present and all around us.  It's referred to as Chi, Prana, Life Force, and the Ether.  Electroculture technology has been intentionally hidden from us and is now emerging to bring rise to the New Earth.  It provides many benefits for plants, animals and even humans. 


Since plants and trees are rooted in one location for life, they respond to environmental changes rapidly.  Placing Twister on the peak of one of our Electroculture Pyramids will create an antenna effect which will pickup more power and transmit it throughout your garden.  Add the metaphysical properties of crystals by placing one in the top cage.  Add one of our Bionized NEVER NEEDS CHARGED Crystals and WATCH OUT!!!  You're gonna be AMAZED!  Bionized Crystals coming soon :) 


Electroculture effects on Plants:

  • Higher yields
  • Faster growth
  • Healthier plants
  • Less fertilizer needed
  • Less water needed
  • More resistant to disease
  • More resistant to pests
  • Better germination rate
  • More nutritious produce
  • Food remains fresh longer 


Twister is designed with Phi Scaling Sacred Geometry of 76.345 degrees.  This sacred geometry shape has a very focused and powerful energy! 


Pyramid power has many of the same benefits as electroculture PLUS it will:  

  • harmonize energy
  • increase life force energy
  • bring about coherence
  • amplify intentions
  • stimulate transformation


Checkout some of the AMAZING plant studies with PYRAMID ENERGY at  


Made with 18 gauge pure copper bare wire. 


Please specify the proper winding requirements. 

Clockwise for Northern Hemisphere.

Counter Clockwise for Southern Hemisphere. 




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