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We have many Soulmates in our life and people seem to concentrate on them when looking for love. But TRUE love with a DEEP connection which originated from many lifetimes ago is held by the connection with your Twin Flame. The elements used to create The Twin Flame Magnet will assist you in drawing this unconditional, true love to this lifetime. Manifest your Twin Flame with my Twin Flame Magnet!



This is NOT a capstone. It was previously sold as a capstone but is now only sold as an amplifier. This amplifier comes in 4 sizes.  Size Small is best for placement on the Apex Amplifier Platform.  Size Medium will fit on the Apex Amplifier Platform as well but the tip will have to be placed up and underneath the capstone.


Small 4.75 inches high x 2.25 inches at the base

Medium 5.75 inches high x 2.75 inches at the base

Large 7.25 inches high x 3.75 inches at the base 

XL 9.75 inches high x 4.75 inches at the base


Place the Twin Flame Amplifier under your meditation chair while inside your Stargate Pyramid or hold on to it while meditating. For an even BIGGER energy boost, place it on the Apex Amplifier platform (sold separately).

Magnetite Powder
Bionized Rhodonite
Shades of Pink
Bionized Quartz Sand


Magnetite Powder- Magnetite is a stone of manifestation. Just like a magnet, magnetite attracts one’s desires and love.
Bionized Rhodonite- Rhodonite opens the highest space of the heart chakra where true, divine love originates from. Rhodonite heals relationships by creating clear communication and harmony. It also allows forgiveness to emerge, promotes compassion and eliminates fears associated with finding true love. Rhodonite is a very powerful, warrior of the heart!

Bionized Rhodonite has amplified energetic properties which occur after a process of freezing and boiling several times. The bionization process enhances the life force energy of the rhodonite INDEFINITELY! This crystal will always have a high charge and will NEVER need recharged. The energy NEVER dissipates :)
Shades of Pink- Pink is the color of unconditional, universal love. Pink draws a calmness to your life by neutralizing chaos.
Bionized Quartz Sand-97% quartz sand is bionized through a process of freezing and boiling multiple times. This adds extra life force energy to the quartz and it will retain this high vibration forever! The addition of Bionized Quartz to this device makes this Orgone Pyramid a great way to charge your crystals!
Pyrite- Pyrite, also known as “Fool’s Gold” is a stone of protection which shields you from all forms of negative energy on all levels. It also stimulates your mind and enhances your memory. Pyrite easily connects to Divine energy to encourage ideal health, physically and emotionally and helps you take charge of your life!

Disclaimer: The product pictured is not the exact amplifier you will receive. Each amplifier created has different aspects to it's design but will always include the items listed above.

Twin Flame Amplifier {unconditional love}

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