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Transform the negative energies around you with the power of Bionite and Sacred Geometry!


   * protect yourself from electrical magnetic frequencies
   * amplify the beneficial energies around you
   * empower your meditations 
   * receive greater connection to spirit
   * can assist Energy Healers for a more instant connection to their client
   * increases your energy levels 
   * strengthens the human aura
   * enhance your body's ability to heal
   * restructures water, food and drink which makes it more bio-available to your body
   * enhances plant growth
   * improves sleep quality
   * transmutes the energies of negative people 


Orgone Energy is another word for prana, chi, the ether, scalar energy, torsion fields, etc.  It was a term coined by Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian Psychoanalyst who discovered a way to draw in the etheric energies around us and transmute the negative energies into positive, beneficial energies.  He used this technology for healing on every level.  My Orgone Pyramids utilize this same technology.  They are powerful energy transformers!  The mixture of resin & metal particles is the cause of this transformation.  The resin, which is carbon based, draws in the etheric energy and holds on to it. The metals draw in the etheric energy and then repels it very quickly.  The layering of metals inside of resin creates a pushing and pulling effect of the energy around it which is comparable to "scrubbing" it clean.  Crystals are added to the mix to amplify the power of the device and as an added bonus add their own beneficial metaphysical properties.  But these aren't any typical crystal....they are BIONIZED crystals!


Bionized crystals have amplified energetic properties which occur after a process of freezing and boiling several times.  The same person credited for Orgone Energy, Wilhelm Reich, discovered the process of bionization.  He monitored a plant as it was dying and saw under his microscope small, blue luminescent orbs leaving the plant.   In the presence of a healthy living object there was a blue luminescent glow of energy.  When sickness occurred that blue glow disappeared.  Reich knew this blue glow was the life force energy.  He discovered a way to attract more of this vibrant, life energy to an object.  By freezing and boiling the product several times.  This process didn't only charge the object but made it retain that amplified energy indefinitely!  My Bionite Pendants all contain bionized quartz sand & bionized pyrite.  Through bionization, these crystlas all retain a very high energetic vibration of power which will never dissipate.    


And just when you thought it couldn't get any better....even more super powerful energy transformers are added to the device!!!


   * aid in manifestations
   * attract new things into your life
   * align chakras
   * balance yin and yang energies
   * highly grounding 
   * dispel negative and harmful energies
   * help ease your burdens
   * enhance focus 


   * absorb & eliminate negative or hazardous energies like electrical magnetic frequencies & even psychic attacks
   * brings forth blessings (Stone of Fruition)
   * purifies your body, mind & soul
   * powerful grounding power 


   * empower your connection to Source
   * empower your meditations
   * amplify the spiritual messages you receive 
   * amplify the signal between you and others
   * provide a faster transformation 


   * protect from negative energy including EMF's (electrical magnetic frequencies)
   *repair tears in your aura
   *promote physical health
   *promote emotional well-being
   *use as an amulet to deflect harm
   *guard against manipulation
   *inspire creativity
   *encourage leadership
   *assist in generating wealth 


   * amplify energy
   * relieve pain 
   *  protect against negative energies
   * realign chakras 
   * tune in to the beneficial energies around you


   * brings out inner truth
   * allows love to emerge 
   * a key component to orgone energy
   * boosts immune system
   * promotes courage


Sacred Geometry is the language of Source and is found in all creation.



The Tree of Life represents the interconnectedness of everything. It serves as a reminder that you are never alone and are connected to everything around you.


This Bionite Pendant comes with an 18" black cord with clasp.  
As always, my designs are created with the highest and best intentions to spread love and light to each and every one who is drawn here.  


Disclaimer...these devices do NOT heal but they do transmute energy which will bring your natural system back into balance and remind your body how to take control of your health.  


Evolve and the world will evolve too!

Tree of Life Bionite Necklace

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