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Electroculture is an ancient practice of harnessing the NATURAL atmospheric energy of the Earth and focusing it in a certain area. This energy is always present and all around us. It's referred to as Chi, Prana, Life Force, and the Ether. Electroculture technology has been intentionally hidden from us and is now emerging to bring rise to the New Earth. It provides many benefits for plants, animals and even humans. All my research has been derived from the work of Yannick Van Doorne, Ph.D. who is an engineer in agriculture and lives in France. His work is AMAZING and he has studies and research to back up the power of Electroculture!


More of his work can be found on his website...


I also recommend you checkout his YouTube Channel. He offers a free "English" version course there.


Here's part 1 of the course...


Since plants and trees are rooted in one location for life, they respond to environmental changes rapidly. Placing Sparky in your garden or even by your potted plants will show you just how rapid this response is. Prepare to be AMAZED!


Effects on Plants:

Higher yields

Faster growth

Healthier plants

Less fertilizer needed

Less water needed

More resistant to disease

More resistant to pests

Better germination rate

More nutritious produce

Food remains fresh longer


Sparky is designed with Phi Scaling Sacred Geometry of 76.345 degrees. This sacred geometry shape has a very focused and powerful energy!


Pyramid power has many of the same benefits as electroculture PLUS

it will:

harmonize energy

increase life force energy

bring about coherence

amplify intentions

stimulate transformation


Checkout some of the AMAZING plant studies with PYRAMID ENERGY at


Sparky is made with a combination of shungite, magnetite, basalt, bionized quartz sand, pyramid charged colloidal silver, ormus and cement. A group of 6 ring magnets covered with beeswax is placed in the base and a copper wire is strung through the center of the magnets which then runs along your garden row headed towards the North.


SHUNGITE, also known as The Stone of Life, has many benefits when placed in the soil. You can even charge water with Shungite prior to watering your plants for some FANTASTIC results. Sparky uses SHUNGITE to absorb and eliminate negative and hazardous energies like electrical magnetic frequencies and geopathic stress. It also has a POWERFUL grounding ability AND when added to cement produces a PUNCH of POWER!


MAGNETITE is a stone of manifestation acting like a magnet to draw your deepest desires to you. It will open you up to the dualities of life and balances the male and female energies inside you. Magnetite will pull you away from unnecessary and unwanted situations and will uncover hidden potentials around you.


BASALT acts like a battery. It increases the magnetic field of the Earth, thus stimulating soil life and fertility. This BASALT battery remains FULLY CHARGED by way of the 76.345 Phi Scaling Geometry Pyramid.


While ORMUS has many UNBELIEVABLE uses for plants, it's being used in Sparky for its SUPER conducting ability. It amps up the power of the device immensely! Also, ORMUS has one foot in the physical realm and one in the your garden will too. You will feel a closer connection to your plants and will intuitively KNOW what they need as you ride the waves of plant consciousness through their telepathic communication.



High quality quartz sand is bionized through a process of freezing and boiling multiple times. This adds extra life force energy to the quartz that will NEVER dissipate! The addition of Bionized Quartz to Sparky creates an energy device which can be used to recharge crystals and add energy to anything around it.



If you thought Sparky couldn't get any more powerful, THINK AGAIN! A combination of REAL nano particle SILVER and water charged inside a 7 foot high Stargate Pyramid for 2 weeks gives Sparky ANOTHER TURBO BOOST!


Another property of Sparky is enhancement of the Earth's magnetic fields. This is where the 6 ring magnets come into play. When a copper or galvanized steel wire is placed inside of the stacked magnets, the magnetic field is amplified 3 feet on each side of the wire PLUS the ENTIRE length of the wire! This is Magnetoculture!


Pure beeswax houses all the essential oils from all the flowers the bees have visited. When we dip the stacked magnets in this wax, we increase the frequencies of the essential oils and transmit them along the wire to the plants! Bees also have a connection with the Cosmos thus creating Cosmoculture.


Sparky comes with a wire coil called The Tuner. The Tuner is an electroculture antenna and is made to be used with our Large electroculture pyramids to "Tune-in" to the Cosmic electricity even more! 


Made with 8 gauge colored aluminum wire.  Available in a variety of colors.  


Please specify the proper winding requirements. 

Clockwise for Northern Hemisphere.

Counter Clockwise for Southern Hemisphere. 



The PERFECT STORM! Actually...Sparky is ENHANCED EVEN MORE when a storm is on the horizon!



Two sizes to choose from.


7.25 inches high x 3.5 inches at base. Weighing in at 2 pounds.9.75 inches high x 4.5 inches at base. Weighing in at 6 pounds.

The base of Sparky has an opening where the stacked magnets and wire are placed. Stacked magnets included.





As always, my designs are created with the highest and best intentions to spread love and light to each and every one who is drawn here.


Evolve and the world will evolve too!

Lisa Richards


  • It is recommended to use solid copper or galvanized steel bare wire in 18 gage or thicker.  

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