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Pyramid energy creates a cosmic antenna which tunes into universal energy sources. Using a pyramid for dowsing will amplify the intensity of source energy. Connecting to source will put you in touch with your higher self who reminds you that we all have the power to heal. Our body was designed to heal itself and will begin to do so with pyramid energy.


This pendulum is designed to enhance your energetic needs by Frequency Influencer, Pyramid Energy Ace, Intuitive Architect, Meditation Master, Dowser & Owner of Pyramid Surge, Lisa Richards.  Each pendulum has it's own unique design and is created with the highest intentions to assist your evolution.  Using a current photo, Lisa will connect to your personal vibration signature to determine which crystals and colors will assist in bringing your energy back into harmony.  Each Intuitive Design pendulum comes with a detailed report which explains each element used in the creation of your pendulum and how each element affects your transformation.  This report is in PDF file format.  The link to access your report will be sent to you when your pendulum ships.  

Keep in mind that these are energy tools to enhance your energetic transformation.  When we constantly gravitate towards things we like we remain at the same vibration. So when I design a capstone for your specific needs at this time you may find it made with colors and crystals you typically wouldn't have chosen but this will transform your energy WAY faster than choosing one you would've gravitated towards. 


This Pendulum is very reactive to chakra energies and is designed to enhance chakra's you need to work on.  Hold the pendulum over the chakra to read the chakra energies. The Pendulum is programmed to rotate in a clockwise direction to assist in releasing pent up energies in each chakra with a focus on the chakra’s specified in your Intuitive Design file.  The longer you hold the pendulum above the chakra the more energies will be released. Once the chakra is balanced the pendulum will spin wide and fast.  


The chain of each pendulum is 6 inches long and has a circular holder on the end.

Send a CURRENT photo of yourself to Lisa via email at 

Intuitive Design Pendulum

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