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For use with all Stargate & Galactic Meditation Pyramids which can be found at


Amplify the energy of your Stargate Meditation Pyramid with an Intuitive Design Capstone!


Take your energy to the next level with an Intuitive Design Capstone!  This is the most powerful Capstone we offer because it's designed to enhance YOUR specific energetic needs.  Each Intuitve Design Capstone has it's own unique design and is created with the highest intentions to assist your evolution.  Using a current photo, Lisa will connect to your personal vibration signature to determine which crystals and colors will assist in bringing your energy back into harmony.  Each Intuitive Design Capstone comes with a detailed report which explains each element used in the creation of your Capstone and how each element affects your transformation.  This report is in PDF file format and will be emailed to you when your amplifier ships.  


This capstone is designed with the Russian Pyramid dimensions of 76.345 degrees and is easy to add to your meditation pyramid.  Just place it on the peak and it will be held securely in place.  It can also be removed easily to be used as an amplifier or to charge items like water, seeds and supplements.  This sacred geometry shape has a very focused and powerful energy! The Apex Amplifier slides right over the poles and is held in place with 4 rubber O-rings which are included.


During our weekly podcast on YouTube called Pyramid Quest we discovered that the area right below the apex of the Russian geometry pyramid gives an extra burst of power! The Apex Amplifier was birthed from this discovery.  It is a platform which slides over the poles of your Stargate Meditation Pyramid and sits 1 foot below the apex.


Use the Apex Amplifier to:
* Place your capstone or pyramid amplifier on it for added power. Promotes faster manifestations, deeper meditations & more profound balancing of the body. The bigger the pyramid amplifier, the higher the increase in energy.
* Charge your crystals
* Charge your seeds (2 weeks' time is recommended)
* Charge water, then drink to get similar benefits as meditation
* Charge granite stones and place beside plants to enhance growth (2 weeks' time is recommended)
* Place magnets on it for additional benefits


This capstone will add approximately 3 inches to the height of your Stargate Meditation Pyramid.  


Capstone is 9.75 inches high x 4.5 inches at base.
Apex Amplifier is 8 inches x 8 inches.
The base of The Galactic Capstone is entirely open.  


Your Intuitive Design Capstone will contain 1 large cystal at the peak, a row of crushed crystals, bionized quartz sand, multiple colors and other possible enhancements.  


The Apex Amplifier will be made with a combination of shungite, magnetite, white powdered gold, bionized quartz sand, basalt & resin.  The colors used will match the design of your Capstone. 

Keep in mind that these are energy tools to enhance your energetic transformation.  When we constantly gravitate towards things we like we remain at the same vibration. So when I design products for your specific needs at this time you may find it made with colors and crystals you typically wouldn't have chosen, but this will transform your energy WAY faster than choosing one you would've gravitated towards.   
Send a current headshot for your design to


As always, my designs are created with the highest and best intentions to spread love and light to each and every one who is drawn here.  


Disclaimer...these devices do NOT heal but they do transmute energy which will bring your natural system back into balance and remind your body how to take control of your health.  


Evolve and the world will evolve too!

Intuitive Design Capstone PLUS Apex Amplifier {just for you}

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