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The Heart Chakra is located in the area of the heart and is the souls link to divinity.  The divine spark resides inside the chamber of the heart and holds the trinity of body, mind, and spirit.  Connect with your Heart Charka to fulfill the destiny of your soul.  Wisdom will nourish your mind, health with flood your body and unconditional love will manifest in your life.  Open your heart and allow yourself to heal in all aspects of your life. 



Shades of Green 

Shades of Pink

Shades of Gold

Green Aventurine 

Lemurian Quartz

Bionized Quartz Sand 


Shades of Green- Green is related to nature and the desire to expand and grow. It symbolizes self-respect, openness, peace & harmony. Connect with Mother Earth and allow her powers to regenerate you and guide you to inner peace!


Shades of Pink- Pink is the color of unconditional, universal love. Pink draws a calmness to your life byneutralizing chaos.


Shades of Gold- Gold symbolizes wealth and good health. The color gold is associated with the sun and isa symbol of wealth, success, and good health. The color gold will increase your power,bring enjoyment to your life, get the ball rolling towards better health and bring forthsuccess in all your ventures.


Green Aventurine- Open your heart to greater possibilities with green aventurine. It enhances yourappreciation for nature and allows bounty to enter your life. Green aventurine inspiresyou to embrace change by giving you the confidence to persevere through any challenge.Bring your body back to a natural state with green aventurine.


Lemurian Quartz- Lemurian Quartz are seed crystals which are energetically linked to all other Lemurian Quartz crystals. They promote a message of Oneness and were left behind as a message from the ancient Lemurian civilization. Lemurian Quartz crystals choose people who will assist in raising the vibration of our planet and will enhance one’s intuitive gifts. 


Bionized Quartz Sand- Bionized Quartz Sand-97% quartz sand is bionized through a process of freezing and boiling multiple times. This adds extra life force energy to the quartz and it will retain this high vibration forever! The addition of Bionized Quartz to this pyramid creates an energy device which can be used to recharge crystals and add energy to anything in the field around it.




Place the Heart Chakra Amplifier under your meditation chair while inside your Stargate Pyramid or hold on to it while meditating.  For an even BIGGER energy boost, place it on the Apex Amplifier platform (sold separately).  



This amplifier comes in 4 sizes. Size Small is best for placement on the Apex Amplifier Platform. Size Medium will fit on the Apex Amplifier Platform as well but the tip will have to be placed up and underneath the capstone.


Small 4.75 inches high x 2.25 inches at the base

Medium 5.75 inches high x 2.75 inches at the base

Large 7.25 inches high x 3.75 inches at the base

XL 9.75 inches high x 4.75 inches at the base


Disclaimer:  The product pictured is not the exact amplifier you will receive. Each amplifier created has different aspects to it's design but will always include the items listed above.

Heart Chakra Amplifier

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