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Pyramid energy creates a cosmic antenna which tunes into universal energy sources. Using a pyramid for dowsing will amplify the intensity of source energy. Connecting to source will put you in touch with your higher self who reminds you that we all have the power to heal. Our body was designed to heal itself and will begin to do so with pyramid energy.


The chain of this pendulum is 6 inches long and has a circular holder on the end.
Orgone Energy is another word for prana, chi, the ether, scalar energy, torsion fields, etc.  It was a term coined by Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian Psychoanalyst who discovered a way to draw in the etheric energies around us and transmute the negative energies into positive, beneficial energies.  He used this technology for healing on every level.  My Pyramid Pendulums utilize this same technology.  They are powerful energy transformers!  The mixture of resin & metal particles is the cause of this transformation.  The resin, which is carbon based, draws in the etheric energy and holds on to it. The metals draw in the etheric energy and then repels it very quickly.  The layering of metals inside of resin creates a pushing and pulling effect of the energy around it which is comparable to "scrubbing" it clean. 
As always, my designs are created with the highest and best intentions to spread love and light to each and every one who is drawn here.  

Disclaimer...these devices do NOT heal but they do transmute energy which will bring your natural system back into balance and remind your body how to take control of your health.  


Evolve and the world will evolve too!

Copper Pyramid Pendulum

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